Produced Segments

A Survivor's Call to Action to End the Rape Kit Backlog [The Brian Lehrer Show; April 4, 2018] 

Why We Need a Universal Basic Income (and How It Would Work) [The Brian Lehrer Show; April 3, 2018]

When The Personal Becomes Political [The Brian Lehrer Show; March 7, 2018]

Since Not Everyone Can Found Facebook [The Brian Lehrer Show; February 21, 2018]

Unpacking the Great American Crime Decline [The Brian Lehrer Show; February 1, 2018]

Could Tweaking The Atmosphere Help Us Fight Climate Change? [Science Friday; November 17, 2017]

The Infinitely Surprising Career Of A Mathematician [Science Friday; November 10, 2017]

When Science Takes The Freelance Route [Science Friday; November 3, 2017]

It’s A Bee! It’s A Dragonfly! It’s A Robot! [Science Friday; October 27, 2017]

The Health Risks That Follow A Wildfire [Science Friday; October 20, 2017]

Could Lowering The P-Value Threshold Benefit Research? [Science Friday; October 14, 2017]

The World Of Bitcoin Economics [Science Friday; October 6, 2017]

A Homecoming For The Whales [Science Friday; October 6, 2017]

Charles Darwin’s Lesser-Known Eccentric Exploits [Science Friday; September 29, 2017]

The Downside Of A Quick And Easy Malaria Test [Science Friday; September 22, 2017]

In Florida, A New Law Is Hitting Textbooks [Science Friday; September 1, 2017]


Reported Segments

Beyond Monopoly: A Look at the Growing Board Game Industry [Uptown Radio; May 12, 2017]

Bedbug Resistance to Insecticides Might Give Clues About How They Evolved [Uptown Radio; April 21, 2017]

Two-Way: Science March Has Diversity Deficit [Uptown Radio; April 21, 2017]

Locals Outraged About Oil Spill in Gravesend Bay [Uptown Radio; April 7, 2017]

Two-Way: The Future of Net Neutrality [Uptown Radio; March 31, 2017]

Science Teachers Navigate the Changing Political Climate [Uptown Radio; March 31, 2017]

What Nintendo's New Console Means For Investors [Uptown Radio; March 24, 2017]

Gene Editing Techniques Give Hope to Parents–and Raise Ethical Questions [Uptown Radio; February 24, 2017]

Five Years After Superstorm Sandy, Family Returns Home [Uptown Radio; December 15, 2016]

Destroyed During 9/11, Church Rises Again [Uptown Radio; November 28, 2016]

Why This Chinese-American Supports Trump [Uptown Radio; November 7, 2016]